A unique multi sports program where children aged 4-16 years train in 18 different sports a year.

Main School – Suitable for girls and boys aged 6 – 16 yrs.
Sports Academy UK main school students train for 3 hours a week. Our term is for 12 weeks, and we have 3 terms a year running concurrent with normal school terms.

A weekly session is divided into 3 core areas: 1 hour of a team sport, 1 hour of an individual sport and 1 hour of our team building challenge.

Classes are designed to improve core fitness levels, self confidence and sportsmanship.

We change our sports programme every 4 weeks, which means that your child is introduced to 18 different sports in a year, 9 individual sports, 9 team sports plus our team building challenges.

Our main school students are aged from 6 – 16 years. We divide the students into 3 groups, so that they train with children of similar age and ability.

Our team building challenges are designed to help promote fair play, communication and leadership.

Our extensive program of challenges include: The Valley of the Lost Kings, Challenge Everest, Around the world in 28 days, Undercover Agents, Pirates of the Caribbean and more.
Little Sporties - Suitable for girls and boys aged 4 / 5 yrs.
Sports Academy UK Little Sporties students train for 90 minute sessions. Our term is 12 weeks, and we have 3 terms in a year.

A weekly session is divided into 3 core areas: 30 minutes of a team sport, 30 minutes of an individual sport and 30 minutes of fun and games.

Little Sporties classes are designed for the children to learn in a fun and safe environment. Whilst helping to improve your child’s personal development through higher levels of fitness, balance and co-ordination.

Little Sporties participate in all the activities that we coach in our Main School with the exception of Archery and Fencing. Lesson plans are structured for the younger age group, and all of the equipment is sized specific for the Little Sporties squad.

A Little Sporties student will have priority over new students (should places be available) to advance into our Main school. Little Sporties students are eligible to move up to the Main school at the start of the term that they will be 6 years old. However, occasionally we feel that a student needs to move up earlier, in which case we will invite them to join our Main School by writing to you.


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