Sports Academy UK

Our unique sports clubs where children train in a team sport, an individual sport and a team building challenge can be found at these locations.

Studies prove that multiple sport disciplines keep the children engaged and alert. Children should not specialise until mid teens. Multi sports leads to fewer over use injuries, there is less opportunity for emotional burn out, Sports Skills transfer across the sports & Exposure to many different roles within sport.

Cross training allows for more creativity in game play.

Children become better overall athletes and gain many transferable skills such as running, jumping, agility, quickness, throwing and countless other skills.

Sports Academy UK is about introducing youngsters to a wide range of sporting activities, harvesting potential no matter how great or small, and developing life skills such as confidence, personal achievement and teamwork.

At our Sports Academy UK schools, your child tones up their body, sharpens their mind and broadens their horizons. They learn respect for team mates and how to persevere under pressure. Their self confidence improves, they develop a sense of fair play and importantly, learn how to win and lose appropriately.

All sports equipment is supplied and new students receive a FREE T-SHIRT on their first day of term!


Weekend Sports 

For Girls & Boys

Aged 4-16 years 




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